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Sometimes life doesn't go as planned and we are faced with extremely difficult situations and people that just seem to be too much to handle.   

 Are you stuck and the situation is making your life miserable? Do you do things just to make others happy and avoid conflict?  Are you having trouble figuring out how to handle it all?

 Imagine if you could find a way to gracefully get through an awful situation and feel better and more in control of your life?  Imagine if you could figure out how to put up some limits and boundaries?  You take control of your life and you stop being pulled into their drama and figure out a plan to deal with it all. YOU become #1 in your life instead of accommodating everyone else.  

You take back your life and spend your time and energy on being with people that enhance your life, doing the things you want to do.  Your new life will seem so much more peaceful now that you decide who is going to be in it and what you are willing to put up with. 

I would like to help you take back your life, teach you how to  think differently and do things differently, resist being pulled into drama, stop second-guessing yourself and determine your path for the future. 

Terri Kish, LCPC

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