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Freedom from the Past, Hope for the Future, Healing in the Now

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Individual Counseling For:
At Terri Kish Counseling our goal is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life full of love and meaning.  While we can't change difficult situations from the past, we can work together so that it is not still effecting you today.   

Often life doesn't always go as planned and we find ourselves in challenging circumstances.  It is difficult to see things clearly when we are right in the middle of them.  At Terri Kish Counseling, we help you to find the clarity and  support you need to help you grow.  

We provide telehealth (online) counseling that is available throughout Illinois. It is confidential, private and secure.  The best part is that online counseling allows you to easily fit counseling into your schedule and work around your work and family schedules.  

​~ Counseling for Adults

~ Worry, Stress & Anxiety

~ Depression & Loneliness

~ Grief

~ Divorce

~ Difficult Relationships

~ Controlling or Drama Filled Family &        Friends 

~ Work, School & Career Issues

~  Abuse & Trauma

 In any given moment,                                               we have two options:  

            To step forward into growth, 
                    or step back into safety.

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New Telehealth Patients
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