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Do you have any of these symptoms of Anxiety?

*  worry that the worst may happen
*  feeling nervous and stressed out
*  feeling panicy
*  heart racing
*  trouble falling or staying asleep
*  trouble focusing or concentrating
*  trembling 
*  feeling weak or tired
*  feeling apprehensive
*  feeling things are out of control
*  your mind can't seem to slow down
*  feeling stressed out at work and at home
*  fears
Theresa Kish MS, LCPC  
Yorkville IL   630-553-8220
HomeCounseling Anxiety & StressDepressionDivorceRelationshipsContact 

I can help you find freedom and relief from  worrying and anxiety.   I will teach you tools to reduce your panic attacks and fears and stop feeling that you are living in crisis mode.   With counseling, you can develop a more problem solving attitude and feel confident that you can handle life's challenges.

HomeCounseling Anxiety & StressDepressionDivorceRelationshipsContact 

Terri Kish, LCPC

Reach Me at  630-553-8220
624 W Veterans Pkwy Suite D  
Yorkville IL 60560
Do you find yourself over-thinking and second-guessing everything?  Are you caught up in "What If" thinking, worried that things will go bad?  Are you worrying and feeling fearful?  Or, have you felt panic, an overwhelming feeling of dread, a racing heart  and out of breath?  If so, you know how terrifying anxiety and panic can be.