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It's hard to accept that the person who promised to love you the most, 
 actually treats you the worst  

DIVORCE can feel devastating and soul crushing. You may feel totally blindsided and rejected. Or you may feel that you can't tolerate being married any longer and you decided to end the relationship. Maybe you feel you were living a lie. Life is no longer as you knew it and you feel you have to start over. Your mind keeps replaying things and it's emotional hell. You don't know how you're going to pull it together. You feel stuck in resentment and despair. You may be dealing with an affair and betrayal.   You can't stop thinking and talking about it.  Maybe you're having trouble even imagining being single or raising your kids as a single parent.  

What if you were able to minimize the suffering and destruction of going through this divorce? Imagine that you find the journey through divorce has transformed you to move beyond the pain. You find your power and feel centered again. You feel proud of the person you've become and happy with the new life you've created. 

Getting help during this critical time can help you to make sense of what is happening and support you to take control and make good decisions for your life.  You can move forward from the stress, grief and tears of your divorce and choose a new future for yourself.  

Terri Kish, LCPC

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