Struggling with Depression and Sadness?
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Struggling with Depression  and Sadness?

Do you feel as if you are in a deep hole that you can't climb out of - no matter how hard you try?  Is it a struggle to get out of bed, take care of yourself or your family or do anything?  Do you want to avoid everyone and you are not motivated to do the things you once enjoyed?  
Additional signs of depression

*isolating from family and friends
*sleeping too much or too little
*not feeling rested
*tiredness and fatigue
*lack of motivation and interests
*feeling hopeless
*feeling things might not get better
*worry, stress and anxiety
*trouble thinking clearly
*trouble following through on things
*can't get organized
*feeling disconnected from others
*feeling numb
*feeling uninterested in things you used to love
*trouble functioning at work or school
Imagine waking up and feeling refreshed and motivated to enjoy your day.  You are making plans and having fun again with your family and friends. You smile and laugh and feel confident.  It is important to not tolerate feeling depressed as your normal mood.  I can help get you on the path to feeling happy and hopeful again.  You will learn skills to get your life back on track and enjoy planning your future.

Terri Kish, LCPC

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