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Have you drifted apart?
Do you feel like you can't talk to your spouse anymore without either getting into an argument or one of you walking  away?  Do you feel rejected, unwanted and like a single parent?  Do you miss being friends and having fun with one another?
 These are some of the complaints I commonly hear:
*  Our marriage is not a priority to my spouse
*  We don't do anything together anymore
*  I'm not happy with our sex life
*  We don't talk much anymore
*  I'm sick of our money problems
*  All we do is argue
*  My spouse acts like my parent,not my partner
*  My spouse is always complaining and criticizing 
*  I think my spouse  is having an affair
*  My partner is selfish and expects everything to  be his/her way
*  My  partner is distant and doesn't seem to be plugged into our relationship
*  The threat of divorce has been coming up in arguments
*  I'm tired of having to do everything
*  I don't trust my partner anymore
*  We can't  agree on  how to parent our kids

My spouse refuses to come to counseling  --  No Problem
If your spouse is not willing to go to counseling, we encourage you to start counseling anyway.  Although you can't control your spouse, you may effect them by making changes of your own..  If you begin counseling and start making your own changes, you may have an impact or effect on your partner's thoughts or behavior without them even realizing it.  Most importantly, you will be working on making yourself stronger.  
Theresa Kish MS, LCPC  
Yorkville IL   630-553-8220
HomeCounseling Anxiety & StressDepressionDivorceRelationshipsContact 

Terri Kish, LCPC

Reach Me at  630-553-8220
624 W Veterans Pkwy Suite D  
Yorkville IL 60560
I help couples work towards 
becoming friends and lovers again,
being able to talk to one another again, 
feeling heard and understood, feeling accepted, 
feeling that you can depend on one another, working together as a couple, 
reestablishing that you are each other's priority.